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Frozen Free Fall 10 rate Have an adventure of a lifetime as you travel the Kingdom of Arrendelle with the host of familiar and lovable Frozen characters. Use their individual power-ups to help clear the crystals from the board. With a ridiculous number of levels that you can enjoy, Frozen Free Fall is definitely a match-3 game you wouldn’t want to miss! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Can’t get enough of Frozen? Well, you can now enjoy an incredible Frozen experience via challenging match-3 games in Frozen Free Fall! Have an adventure of a lifetime as you travel the Kingdom of Arendelle with the host of familiar and lovable Frozen characters like Elsa, Anna and more. Use their individual unique power-ups to help clear the crystals from the board. There are a couple of extra power-ups that you can buy at the in-game store to make difficult levels much easier to complete. With a ridiculous number of levels that you can enjoy, Frozen Free Fall is definitely a match-3 game you wouldn’t want to miss! Play it now!


Ready to get started? Awesome! To begin, you could start by checking out the game’s How to Play section as the Frozen Free Fall doesn’t provide an interactive tutorial. The instructions are pretty simple enough to grasp and especially if you have had experience with any type of match-3 game, you should already know the basics.

Generally, you’ll need to click on an ice crystal and drag it in any direction. By matching at least 3 of these ice crystals of the same color, you can break them and score points. Naturally, like most other match-3 games, you’ll get some really cool power-ups whenever you managed to match more than 3 ice crystals. For instance, by matching 4 ice crystals, doesn’t matter whether it’s in a row or column, you’ll gain the “windchill” power-up. When swapped, Windchill will clear entire rows or columns depending on its position and which type of windchill power-up it is.

For match-5s, the orientation of your match matters and will change which type of power-up you’ll get. By matching 5 ice crystals in a T or L shape, you’ll get an Iceberg which can detonate when swapped. It will freeze and shatter all the ice crystals in its immediate surroundings (within a 3x3 radius around it). However, if you matched up 5 ice crystals in a line – again, doesn’t matter whether it’s in a row or column – you’ll get the awesome glacier power-up. Glacier will clear all ice crystals of the same color as the ice crystal it is later swapped with. Most interestingly, you can combine these power-ups to get incredible and much more powerful effects as well!

In Frozen Free Fall, you’ll need to accomplish each level objective and beat the target score in order to advance the story and unlock new levels. However, level objectives often vary from level to level, as some may require you to merely reach a certain amount of score points while others may require you to drop down a crown to the bottom of the board or even clear all the frost off the ice crystals on the board. Not to mention, although most of the levels in the game provide you with limited number of moves, some levels are timed levels as well. Thus, this game does provide a nice bit of variety to it along with a large wallop of challenge as well!

What about the moves remained after you’ve completed a level then, you may wonder. Well, in that case, the game will activate the Free Fall effect and all the remaining moves will be automatically used up to convert random ice crystals on your board into power-ups and activate all of them at the end of every level. This is a great way for you to earn a huge load of extra points, so be sure to use as little moves as you can to complete a level and let the Free Fall effect top up your score points with your leftover moves! Having trouble hitting the target score? You can also make matches quickly to earn score multipliers.

There are 3 stars per level that you can earn and well, it’s really easy to achieve these stars at the beginning. However, as the game progresses, many obstacles will be introduced, making each level tougher than the one before it. Of course, when such things happen, it is unfortunate to say that you’ll eventually fail a level. Failing a level is not the end of the world though! You’ll merely lose a life and with 4 more lives to spare, you can still play for quite a while. Furthermore, each life lost will automatically regenerate itself over time, but if you can’t wait, you can always purchase more lives at the in-game store using real cash.

Don’t like the idea of losing a life? Me too! Thus, it’s great to see that Frozen Free Fall offers a variety of power-ups to help you through the tougher levels. These power-ups include snowball, which increases your total number of moves by 5; ice pick that allows you to break a selected tile, and for those pesky timed levels, the hourglass, which will add a nice 15 seconds to your countdown timer.

These power-ups are not the best part in this game though! Interestingly, each character (or companion) in Frozen Free Fall who accompanies you in every level has their own unique power-ups too! For instance, Else’s glacier power-up makes all of the same color crystals magically disappear, while Anna’s torch can burn up entire row of crystals. There’s even Hans’ sword that you can use to slash through the crystals. Different character you meet in your adventure will have different power-ups and it’s up to you to learn their skills and make the best use out of them!

Another amazing feature in Frozen Free Fall is that the game itself has a ridiculous number of levels. In fact, there are so many levels that you’d have to zoom out of the map and actually see the bigger picture. That’s not even including the extra levels that you can also enjoy playing via the “seasons” tab such as the Summer levels and the Halloween levels. For players who always moan about how few levels a match-3 game has, well, Frozen Free Fall will have all the levels - and more – that you need!


Frozen Free Fall has a huge community mainly due to the popularity of the movie it is based off on and partly because the game is so addictive to play. The game has 500 thousand monthly active players, though in spite of that the game only managed to garner around 230 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. That being said, if you need some help with the game, this fan page is the place to be. So, be sure to drop by and check it out!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game are enchantingly beautiful, especially the ice crystals and the characters, though different browsers and computers will have different capacity to do the game justice by rendering it properly. In terms of music, the game offers a tune that provides that magical feeling a game like Frozen Free Fall should have. However, the music is extensively looped, and eventually, it may sound a tad bit annoying. Thankfully, you can turn it off whenever you like!


In short, Frozen Free Fall is a very addictive, challenging and fun-filled match-3 game that allows you to once again (after watching the movie, of course) travel through the beautiful frost-covered kingdom of Arendelle with your beloved cast of Frozen characters. Enjoy clearing levels after levels using the variety of power-ups available to you along with the unique powers that each character has. Don’t forget to maximize your chances of getting that “3 stars” by creating, utilizing or even combining special crystals like the windchill, iceberg and glacier. Sounds incredibly fun? Well, don’t just sit there and read about it – go and experience Frozen Free Fall yourself today!

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New Game Added: Frozen Free Fall

by Aethyna Nov 3, 2015
Have an adventure of a lifetime as you travel the Kingdom of Arrendelle with the host of familiar and lovable Frozen characters. Use their individual power-ups to help clear the crystals from the board. With a ridiculous number of levels that you can enjoy, Frozen Free Fall is definitely a match-3 game you wouldn’t want to miss! Iceberg power-up Summer levels Drop the crown Read More
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