New Game Added: Dessert Heaven

by Aethyna Jun 1, 2015
Help the various adorable desserts to get ready for their party in this sugary-sweet match-3 game, Dessert Heaven! However, as the party is underway, the evil marshmallows are unhappy that they weren't invited and decided to “crash” the party and gobbling up your friends! Hurry and play the game to save them now! Dessert Heaven: Dessert time Obstacles in Dessert Heaven Dessert Heaven: Exploding desserts Read More

New Game Added: Dragon Pals

by Aethyna May 28, 2015
Save and recruit dragons to your cause to push back the tides of demons that threaten the realm in this exciting browser-based MMORPG, Dragon Pals! Complete quests, run dungeons and participate in PvP tourneys to show that you are the best dragon pal in this game! Try it for free today! Dragon Pals: A mean jinn Flying free in Dragon Pals Dragon Pals: Skeletal dragon Read More

New Survey Added: Best Strategy Game from Innogames

by Aethyna May 22, 2015
If you love strategy games, then the slew of games provided by Innogames are exactly what you need! Which of these games is your favorite? Best Strategy Game from Innogames - Survey Option 1 Best Strategy Game from Innogames - Survey Option 2 Best Strategy Game from Innogames - Survey Option 3 Read More

New Game Added: Pepper Panic Saga

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Join Pepper Puppy in his quest to explode as many peppers as he can in this match-3 game with a twist – Pepper Panic Saga! Grow the peppers big enough and unleash a flurry of explosions to activate the crazy Pepper Panic mode! Are you on fire yet? No? Hop into Pepper Panic Saga to get yourself hot and smoking now! Frozen peppers in Pepper Panic Saga Pepper Panic Saga: Obstacles Exploding peppers in Pepper Panic Saga Read More

New Article Added: Aeria Games

by Aethyna May 24, 2015
With a rapidly growing community of over 45 million core players and an extensive portfolio of development partners, Aeria Games is a leading destination for free-to-play online multiplayer games. Find out more about this company and what made them so successful! Aeria Games preview image Read More

New Article Added: Types of MMO Dungeon Raiders (PuG edition)

by Aethyna May 15, 2015
There are reasons why Pick-up groups, or PuGs for short, are notorious among experienced players in the many worlds of MMORPGs as being one of the top most frustrating experiences in an MMO, alongside endless grinding and being on the receiving end of corpse camping! Read on to find out! Types of MMO Dungeon Raiders (PuG edition) preview image Read More

New Game Added: Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Explore the mysterious and eerie Mortlake Mansion and try your best to break the evil spells that lie within in this exciting hidden object adventure, Mystery of Mortlake Mansion! Find and collect useful objects in the various rooms and different hidden object scenes in the mansion! Don’t let your curiosity starve! Play now! Hall in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Mystery of Mortlake Mansion: Shadowy observatory Messy desk in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Read More

Sketch Tales: Drawing is Magic

by Aethyna May 29, 2015
Immerse yourself in a realm where what you draw becomes what you play. Here, creativity is power and imagination your weapon! Search for sketches, unlock new animations and functions, as well as have fun designing adventures for both you and your friends/ family to enjoy! Sketch Tales Read More

New Game Added: Pirate Treasures

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
You are holding a treasure map on a remote island with a wicked grin on your face! The treasure is certainly here... you can practically smell it! There are just “some” match-3 puzzles standing in the way between you and your preciooouuussss treasure! Surely you can solve them all to get to that big red ‘X’ on the ground? Vertical lightning gem in Pirate Treasures Pirate Treasures: Marked gems Horizontal lightning gem in Pirate Treasures Read More

New Article Added: Gamergate: A Discussion

by Adeaphon May 25, 2015
Take a peek into our discussions on this hot topic, and how it affected us as gamers and professional reviewers. Gamergate: A Discussion preview image Read More
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