New Article Added: I Got Games

by Aethyna Aug 22, 2017
With over 15 mobile and 8 PC/browser games, including 2 hit titles, under their belt, IGG is a young-ish company that has found its footing and is making the most of its momentous rise to fame. Who are they and what has made them so successful? Let’s find out, shall we? I Got Games preview image Read More

New Game Added: Argo

by Other Contributors Aug 21, 2017
Become immersed in an online combat experience that is practically like no other, where a single mistake, a single poor decision could be the end of your line of duty. Learn to play smart quickly by using the terrain to your advantage or you may yourself and your squad dead faster than you can say Argo. Argo: Link game mode Armory in Argo Argo: Raid game mode Read More

New Game Added: High School Story

by Aethyna Aug 20, 2017
Experience a wide range of relatable high school drama through engaging, story-rich quests... you can even link your friends on Facebook to characters in the game, set them up in relationships or throw a fun party to attract more students. Set up your own high school now in High School Story! High School Story: Building a high school Creating an avatar in High School Story High School Story: Partying Read More

New Game Added: The Elder Scrolls: Legends

by Adeaphon Aug 19, 2017
Step once more into the world of Tamriel as you begin another adventure in this amazing world. Become a forgotten hero on a journey that enters the elder scrolls and enjoy an amazing MMO CCG where your decisions and choices impact the very future. Use force of arms or strange magics to defeat your opponents in both PvP and story missions. Assassination in The Elder Scrolls: Legends Card Art from The Elder Scrolls: Legends Orc in The Elder Scrolls: Legends Read More

New Game Added: Wordscapes

by Aethyna Aug 18, 2017
Wordscapes is a fun and relaxing word puzzle game that fuses elements from both word-finding and crossword games. There are many gorgeously-themed stages, each with multiple individual levels, to solve, and if you’re stuck, the game has a helpful hint that you can buy. Wordscapes: Challenge word Stages in Wordscapes Wordscapes: Using a hint Read More

New Game Added: Castle Fight

by Other Contributors Aug 17, 2017
Pick between the Crusaders and the Arabians and get embroiled in the war for the holy land. Through the development of your city and army, as well as resource management, you can amass a formidable army to prepare for the impending war and to fight for the glory of your faction, be it the Crusaders or the Arabians. Castle Fight: Tactics A crusader's empire in Castle Fight Castle Fight: Recruiting units Read More

Wild Terra's Update 8.33-34: Guild Castles and Auction

by Aethyna Aug 17, 2017
Exciting updates await you in Wild Terra - check them out! Wild Terra's Update 8.33-34: Guild Castles and Auction Read More

YOOZOO Games Brings Top ARPG and Charity Event to Gamescom 2017

by Aethyna Aug 17, 2017
If you're going to Gamescom, be sure to drop by YOOZOO's booth in Hall 10.1, B040! YOOZOO Games Brings Top ARPG and Charity Event to Gamescom 2017 Read More

New Game Added: Shards of Magic

by Other Contributors Aug 16, 2017
The world is set to be destroyed, and you’re the only one that can stop its oncoming destruction by collecting and upgrading any powerful heroes that come your way; all set within a world that’s filled with plenty of bright and vibrant colours for any age to jump in and enjoy. Shards of Magic: Your starter team Town in Shards of Magic Shards of Magic: Boss fight Read More

New Game Added: Horse Farm

by Aethyna Aug 15, 2017
Manage a virtual horse ranch of your very own in this fun simulation game by Upjers, Horse Farm! Take good care of your horses and breed them to get unique cross-breeds. Don’t forget to fulfill your guests’ every need to earn money to keep your ranch afloat in addition to sprucing the place up with a variety of decorations. Horse Farm: Riding around the round pen Bought a new horse in Horse Farm Horse Farm: Checking in new guests Read More
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