New Game Added: Island Story

by Aethyna Jun 24, 2017
Help your rich Gramps manage one of the islands he owns and turn it into a successful farm in this fun-filled simulation game, Island Story! Harvest a wide variety of crops, turn them into either animal food or delicious dishes and sell them off to customers. Will you be able to set up a successful and beautiful farm? Island Story: Harvesting crops Warehouse in Island Story Island Story: Completing orders Read More

New Game Added: Warfare Online

by Other Contributors Jun 23, 2017
Not every battlefield will be the same and not every battle will have the exact outcome for you and your soldiers, but no one ever said war would be easy, did they? Consider every new battle a learning experience and whether you win or lose, adapt and prove to the world that you’re the best for the job. Warfare Online: Gameplay Troop collection in Warfare Online Warfare Online: Troops available for deploy Read More

New Game Added: Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet

by Aethyna Jun 22, 2017
Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet is a time management game where you get to manage your very own chain of dessert shops. Selling from coffee and donuts to froyos, you’ll be kept on your toes as you serve different customers to the best of your ability. Come and be a dessert shop magnate today! Dessert Chain: Impatient customers Cake shop in Dessert Chain Dessert Chain: Preparing cendol Read More

New Game Added: Cookie Jam Blast

by Aethyna Jun 21, 2017
Put your matching skills to the test in the game’s many exciting new game modes and unlock scrumptious new recipes at the kitchen. So, start lining your display case with all the most delicious dessert and treats from around the world today by playing this brilliant match-3 puzzle game, Cookie Jam Blast! Cookie Jam Blast: Scoops game mode Levels in Cookie Jam Blast Cookie Jam Blast: Cookie jam Read More

Armed Heroes 2's Innovative Einheriar Hero System

by Aethyna Jun 20, 2017
With more than 100 skills, Einheriar Hero system allows you to fully customize your heroes, so no two heroes will ever be the same. Armed Heroes 2's Innovative Einheriar Hero System Read More

Take Your Conquest to the Sky! Legacy of Discord Gets a Revolutionary Update

by Aethyna Jun 20, 2017
Today's the day, people! It's time to get those SkyWings in Legacy of Discord. Take your conquest to the sky! Read More

New Game Added: Game of Emperors

by Aethyna Jun 20, 2017
Develop your empire from the ground up and amass an army that will make your enemies tremble in this brilliant and in-depth MMO strategy game that you can play on your browser for free, Game of Emperors! In this game of emperors, only mightiest will survive and emerge as the victor. Are you one of the mighty? Game of Emperors: World map Imperial family in Game of Emperors Game of Emperors: Researching new tech Read More

Legacy of Discord Releases a New Trailer for its Flying System

by Aethyna Jun 19, 2017
That's right - you can now engage your enemies in the skies as well! Legacy of Discord Releases a New Trailer for its Flying System Read More

New Game Added: Heroes of Skyrealm

by Other Contributors Jun 19, 2017
Enter the mythical world of skyrealm, a world that is full of color and vibrancy for you to explore along with plenty of interesting characters to meet. With their wide variety of skills and abilities, there’s plenty of fun to be had when you’re pitted against a slew of enemies who aren’t quite sure what to do against you! Heroes of Skyrealm: Your team of heroes Cool airship base in Heroes of Skyrealm Heroes of Skyrealm: Combat Read More

New Game Added: Farmville: Tropic Escape

by Aethyna Jun 18, 2017
Plant, grow and harvest a variety of crops so you could whip up a bunch of tropical goodies for your guests. Hire guides to uncover new touristy locations and even unearth some intriguing mystery about the island you inhabit. Don't wait - Escape from the constant hum of city life now and head over to the tropics to start anew! Farmville: Tropic Escape: Crafting foodstuff Coral reef diving in Farmville: Tropic Escape Farmville: Tropic Escape: Harvesting crops Read More
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